A man’s flag

A man’s flag

How many things in life, but if a wisp of spring breeze, how many feelings in life, it is better to have a flag, people who have a heart, always can feel the spring breeze blowing their face; people who have no heart, the warmer wind is also a gust of cold wind.

There are always some happiness belongs to you, there is always a flag belongs to you, when you are poor, there is also the joy of struggle; when no one loves, there is freedom and relaxation.

When you lose everything, you still have a flag to inspire you. It will teach you how to face difficulties and be positive as long as you live.

Yes, it is also a kind of happiness.

When a person is sad, he will cry; when he is sad, he will be silent; when he is tired, he will die. But our flag will always be with you.

The state of mind comes from the heart. If it weren’t your heart, and you had such a deep understanding of this life, how could there be joys and sorrows in the world? Where is happiness?

It’s your fate, it’s the fate on the way of life, cherish it well; it’s not yours, it’s also a kind of fate, just follow the fate. But one’s flag is yours.

You know, it’s doomed to come and go. You know, when fate comes, heartbeat; when fate goes, heart is like angina; when heart is smooth, come and go calmly.

There is no need to be upset every day because of what you have lost; there is no need to show off everywhere because of what you have gained. For decades, how to live happily, the best way to have a common heart and a person’s flag is just good!

Throughout my life, I have been expecting too much. I will follow my fate, let it be natural, be calm and indifferent, and have flags with me!

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